WORD ON THE STREET: Is County Judge Barbara Canales getting married?

The City of Corpus Christi is not backing down on public health, Sean Strawbridge is spending $152,800 on an Austin interior decorator, and are congratulations in order for Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales and her “husband” Port lawyer Doug Allison?

The City of Corpus Christi is not backing down on ending the City/County Health District partnership with Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales. The tongue lashing over ending the Health district partnership continues by Barbara Canales in the media and at Commissioner’s Court. The City of Corpus Christi has made it clear, Barbara Canales’ refusal to give Corpus Christi vaccines in favor of Robstown and insistence on paying salaried Annette Rodriguez an estimated $200,000 in overtime will not be tolerated. Barbara Canales massive overspending was the final straw. The City is forced to end their 40 year City/County Health District and what has become a major political power center of Barbara Canales. It was Canales who used her emergency powers to wield total power at the County, closing beaches and overspending. Now County Commissioners are fighting back, taking control of the situation by removing Barbara Canales as lead City/County Health District negotiator. The City of Corpus Christi, now the eight largest city in Texas, is creating its own Public Health Services with the support of the Texas Department of Emergency Services. 

Fireworks at Commissioner’s Court 

If you don’t watch Nueces County Commissioner’s Court meetings, you should see the fireworks for yourself! County Judge Barbara Canales alternates between talking over her fellow County Commissioners, talking down to them, and then resorts to using scare tactics, and rudely criticizing them to get her way. Believe it or not, her tactics once actually worked, but not anymore. County Commissioners seem to understand that their attempts to “go along to get a long” are now back firing. The public wants answers for the massive Public Health department overtime pay to salaried employees and the County Commissioners have no choice but to stand up to Canales. Meanwhile, Canales seems to think it’s ok to continue to pay the outrageous overtime pay and she’s pushing hard. 

But Canales is trying to play it both ways, desperate to blame anyone but herself for the mess she’s created. Canales continues on her name calling path, calling the city “silly”, saying they were on a “fool’s errand,” and she even went so far as to say the City “threatened public health.“ Full stop. The Word on the Street is that the City of Corpus Christi isn’t here to play and Canales is losing all control of public health with the City giving her a 90 day notice unanimously and her fellow County Commissioners stripping her powers. 

Port Wasting Taxpayer Dollars 

It’s business as usual at the Port of Corpus Christi, who is now spending $152,800 on Austin interior designers for Port Director Sean Strawbridge‘s offices. The Crònica broke the news about the outrageous $240,000 television set that Sean Strawbridge and Port Commissioners Catherine Hilliard, Rajan Ahuja, Bryan Gulley, and Charlie Zahn purchased and the $160,000 they spent to pay an out of town artist. The Port Commissioners and Sean Strawbridge didn’t pay local artists anywhere near that amount of money for their Port building projects. Strawbridge continues to spend major dollars outside of the Coastal Bend unchecked by weak Port Commissioners. The Word on the Street is that Port Commissioners Rick Valls, Catherine Hilliard, Rajan Ahuja, Bryan Gulley, and Charlie Zahn have lost control of Port Director Sean Strawbridge, they can’t stop his expenditures, and they refuse to keep business local. 

Did Allison Put A Ring On IT? 

It’s been a tumultuous few weeks politically and things are about to get crazier. But seriously, are congratulations in order for County Judge Barbara Canales and Port lawyer Doug Allison? A respected group of business people has reported that Barbara Canales stood up last Thursday showing off a yellow stoned ring (no slight intended, it was actually a yellow stone) and announced she was now legally married to Port lawyer Doug Allison, who she has lived with for many years after her last divorce. 

Apparently, Canales questioned why the Crónica calls her common-law married. Well, we initially referred to Port lawyer Doug Allison as her “boyfriend/live in lover” of almost a decade, but were informed by her close supporters that they were actually “common law” married. In the interest of the truth, the Crónica would like to set the record straight. The Word On The Street according to Barbara Canales herself is that she is now Mrs. Doug Allison. The Crónica will be referring to Canales and Allison as married, unless we hear from either party or a representative telling us otherwise. Under state law, as husband to County Judge Barbara Canales, Doug Allison must submit officially required financial disclosures. Time to admit to the taxpayers that the County Judge who appoints Port Commissioners is Barbara Canales—and her husband Doug Allison is making almost a million dollars off the Port of Corpus Christi. The Port’s public money is going straight into the Canales-Allison household. The Word On The Street is that congratulations are in order for Mr. and Mrs. Doug Allison. We can’t wait to see the financial disclosures!