Word on the Street | Follow the Money starting with Doug Allison

The Crónica obtained the official 108 page sorbid divorce documents proving Port CEO Sean Strawbridge used Port of Corpus Christi accounts to shower his wife Gina De Leon with gifts that included the use of the Port’s Corpus Christi Country Club membership and international travel. But, that wasn’t the most shocking revelation in the decree. The most shocking revelation was–who was Port CEO Sean Strawbridge’s listed divorce lawyer?  Why none other than Port lawyer Doug Allison, “common law husband” of County Judge Barbara Canales. At the same time, Doug Allison was personally representing Sean Strawbridge, in a clear quid pro quo, Sean Strawbridge was paying Doug Allison hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Port of Corpus Christi. Now, the stakes are much higher as Doug Allison, who has lived with Barbara Canales for nearly a decade, is poised to bring in– ready for this? Doug Allison is going to make a million dollars off the Port of Corpus Christi. And that Port money is being deposited straight into the household of our very own Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales who appoints the Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners themselves.
It is well known that Doug Allison charges the Port of Corpus Christi $500 an hour as a maritime litigator. The Crónica wants to know, did Sean Strawbridge pay Port lawyer Doug Allison $500 an hour to be his personal divorce lawyer, did Doug Allison provide pro bono services, or did Allison give Strawbridge a deep discount on his divorce? If Doug Allison is a divorce lawyer, then why is he representing the Port in maritime litigation? Official court documents prove Doug Allison is now working as a divorce lawyer. According to the State Bar of Texas, Allison did not report legal practice areas, the only thing listed is a public reprimand he received in 2007. The Crónica believes Doug Allison has a conflict of interest and should immediately resign as Port lawyer. 

Sean Strawbridge’s Divorce Decree by attorney Doug Allison

The Port Commissioners themselves should demand Sean Strawbridge immediately fire Doug Allison, right? But they won’t. Why? Because Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales only supports her very closest friends to the Port Commission. Remember two years ago when she badgered city members to appoint her sister? We now know why the Port Board consists of Rick Valls, Catherine Hilliard, Rajan Ahuja, Charlie Zahn, and let’s not forget, Dr. Bryan Gulley. It certainly has nothing to do with diversity. They are all SOB’s, Supporters of Barbara, who hold the Port majority, and the Nueces County Judge? Well she holds the Port’s purse strings. It is clear to us, and possibly the State Bar of Texas, that Doug Allison cannot fully represent the Port and be Sean Strawbridge’s personal lawyer. But most importantly, there is a moral and ethical issue in play to the taxpayers, Doug Allison should resign because he is the “common law husband” of Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales, who appoints the Port Commission, and her household should not be making a million dollars off the Port while she is County Judge. 

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