Witnesses says woman ran over on I-37 committed suicide

A family of three who witnessed a horrible incident Sunday say the woman who was struck by a car committed suicide on I-37 near Suntide Road.

Jesse Cantu, a witness, says he was traveling east bound on I-37 with his wife and 14 year old son when all of a sudden a woman in her 20’s ran in front of their vehicle. Jesse says that he almost struck the woman who was smiling and even squatted to embrace the potential impact. Moments later, Jesse says a Dodge Ram, behind him, also veered to avoid striking the woman who was obviously trying to intentionally hurt herself. During the incident, an older lady was trying to stop her, but was roadblocked by the middle divider.

After the Dodge Ram truck avoided the woman, a black sedan traveling at high rate of speed slammed into the woman sending debri and the woman in the air. Jesse says his 14 year old son witnessed the suicide. Jesse’s wife at that time was hysterical and couldn’t relay any information to emergency dispatchers.

When police arrived to the scene, Jesse says that vehicles were still traveling at a high rate of speed unknowingly of what had just occured. Jesse and his wife say the black sedan didn’t stop to render aid and didn’t even slow down. “I don’t even think they realized they hit someone because it happened so fast” says Jesse Cantu. He was able to retrieve the first three alphabets to the black sedans license plate as LFG.

According to police, the woman who died on the scene was in her 20’s and police are searching for the vehicle who struck her. It isn’t clear if the driver will face any charges.

Facebook Live Footage of Scene

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