Witness recalls aftermath of car crash that killed 5 year old

A man driving to a funeral was one of the first people at the scene of a fatal crash on Old Brownsville Road that claimed the life a 5 year old boy.

Julian Lopez of Corpus Christi said he came upon the crash on Old Brownsville Road near Del Mar College West Campus a minute or so after the it happened. First responders hadn’t arrived yet, and he and his brother Harvey Lopez went to help the woman trapped in the vehicle. It was apparent the woman driving the black 4 door sustained serious injuries. The brothers looked in the back seat and saw a child unresponsive slumped over in the back seat.

Julian says his brother Harvey tried to break the window, but ultimately he was able to pull down the window to stick his hands in and unlock the door. It was at that time Julian Lopez says his brother un-buckled the seat belt to the child and that was when the the 5 year old child fell into Julian’s hands. Julian says he held the child’s body until paramedics arrived.

According to police, the 5 year child died on the scene of the crash shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday. The black Nissan Sentra was struck head on by a Buick Enclave that veered from the other side of the road. The crash remains under investigation and the driver to the Buick Enclave may face criminal charges due to negligence while operating a motor vehicle.

According to Julian, the driver of the Buick Enclave exited his vehicle after the crash and collapsed after taking a few steps. The mother of the child was trapped underneath the steering wheel trying to reach her 5 year old boy says Julian Lopez as tears fell from his eyes.

The owner and manager of ‘Sweetwater- The Las Vegas Experience‘ located at 4855 Alameda Street says a percentage of proceeds from the games played this week will be given to the family of the 5 year old child and the mother.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for more updates.