Witness Details: Capital Murder Charges For Mark Anthony Hernandez

Criminal charges have been upgraded to Capital Murder for 31 year old Mark Anthony Hernandez who is suspected of injuring a child who passed away Wednesday evening. 1 year old Jesselle Lopez who was found unresponsive at the Latitude Apartments on Monday was the victim in this sad case of abuse.

1 year old Jesselle Lopez was transported to Driscoll Children’s Hospital around 3 p.m. and was placed on life support after her heart stopped on the way to the hospital. On Wednesday, the biological father of Jesselle, Jesse Lopez, says he wanted all three suspects who were involved to be arrested and also called for Mark Anthony Hernandez’s bond to be higher after learning his daughter passed away from her injuries sustained at 8:07 p.m Wednesday. A GoFund Me account was made on behalf of the family. You can CLICK HERE to donate. A candle light vigil will be held by the family and community on Thursday evening set at 6 p.m. at the Cole Park Amphitheater on Ocean Drive.

Crime Scene Technicians and Investigators work to find evidence of abuse Monday at Latitude Apartments.

Witness Details on the Day of Injury

Police investigated the crime scene at the apartment complex on the 6400 block of Weber Road. One witnesses says they heard banging in the apartment than it suddenly stopped. Moments later, police arrived and tried to save Jesselle Lopez.

According to another witnesses, the mother of Jesselle, Briana Garcia wasn’t at the apartment when the incident occured. There were three adults inside the apartment when the injuries sustained happened. Police questioned Mark Anthony Hernandez and according to reports, he told police that Jasselle Lopez fell off the bed. When police went and seen which bed, they found a mattress on the floor less than a foot from the ground, which wasn’t consistent with the injuries Jesselle Looez sustained.

The father of 1 year old Jesselle Lopez says the injuries consisted of a skull fracture, bruises to the body, and a cut to the leg. As for the mother, the Corpus Christi Crónica has tried to make contact with Briana Garcia, but were unsuccessful in reaching her for comment.

Capital Murder Charges

31 year old Mark Anthony Hernandez faces Capital Murder and Injury to a Child charges.

31 year old Mark Anthony Hernandez remains in the Nueces County Jail with Capital Murder and Injury to a Child charges. His bond is now set at $1,030,000.

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