Who is the up and coming Corpus Christi rapper Drippy Dru?

Who is Drippy Dru?

Drippy Dru is a new up and coming Corpus Christi rapper whose lyrics address the Hispanic community, club goers, and even toxic relationships between partners. Drippy Dru wears a mixture of clothing lines such Bape, Antisocial, and Supreme to bring attention to his rap appearance, as seen on his newest song “Moody High School Football Chant”.

In the rap industry, if you have the drip, it means you have swagger, especially in how you look. You’re hot. You’re cool. You’re on point. You’ve got the sauce. The mixture of both his “drip” and his first name is where he found his rap name. Drippy Dru’ has a fan base that makes up of a young crowd that follow him on Instagram. However, Drippy Dru has been active in serving his community by giving away more than a hundred back packs to children in August of 2021 and plans on giving more this Christmas.

Early Life and Family

Drippy Dru was born Andrew Munoz on June 6, 1997 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Drippy grew up in the east side of Corpus Christi, predominately with his father Andy Munoz. His mother and father separated when Drippy was just four years old. His father Andy recieved full custody of Drippy during that time and bolstered his confidence with the help of his grandma Lydia Lerma, step-mother Corina Castillo Hernandez, brothers Devon Munoz, Izeck Deleon and sisters Alexis Munoz, Raven Hernandez, and Raelynn Hernandez and new born son Drew Anthony Munoz. “They’ve been there for me since I could remember”.

Formerly known as Baby Boy (left) Drippy Dru performed at 11 years old at Macaws Street Pub with the help of his former manager Jabo G.

Drippy first rapped in his father’s garage studio at the age of 11 years old when his fathers friend was working on a song. The instrumentals and beats were made from scratch on a beat making board and he would write his own lyrics. It was until Drippy Dru attended Wynn Seale Middle School when he started to share his dreams of being a rapper named “Baby Boy”.

Launch of Career

In the height of the pandemic of April 2021, Drippy Dru had just finished wrapping up the song “Numb To It” when he had become a seasoned rap artist without the baby image. Since he was 23 years old and had rapped for several years, Drippy Dru’ and the production team decided to give him the new name. He took part in concerts such as Summer Meltdown at Concrete Street Amphitheater with performances beside Erica Banks, Beat King, and Houston rapper Kirko Bangz. He delivered a confident, hyped, and in-control performance that earned attention from local critics. His father was impressed, but also constructively gave him advice to become a better performer so that Drippy would become more serious in his career.

Corpus Christi rap artist Drippy Dru shoots music video “Numb To It” next to a classic Corvette.

Drippy Dru is currently working on his album ‘Couture Music’ and is expected to drop in January 2022 in all digital platforms with digital hard copies for in person meet and greets. With the help of his father’s hard work ethic and Drippy’s rising rap stardom, he juggles with also a rising smoke shop on Ayers Street. “I just have to balance out the both, but with the help of management and the people working for me, they make it much easier” says Drippy.

Drippy Dru’ long term goals is to make a name for himself. “I just want to double my streams, and to double my fan base, I want to double everything”.