VIDEO: Man fatally shot by police on Kostoryz Road after car crash

At approximately at 10:35 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 police were chasing a white Cadillac on Kostoryz Road where one man was fatally shot by police after a major vehicle car accident. Police called off the chase due to the driver driving wrecklessly prior to the accident.

Minutes later, the white cadillac was involved in major vehicle accident on Westgard Street with a Ford Mustang and where a man jumped out the window of the white Cadillac and ran from police officers. Police went on a foot pursuit on the corner of Brawner Parkway and Kostoryz Road in a alley where shots were fired by police. The man was shot multiple times. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital minutes after.

Police shut down Kostoryz Road from Brawner Parkway to Horne Road. Police began to search for a handgun in the area, but no gun has been located at this time.

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