Two W.B. Ray High School students dead after crash on Port Avenue

At approximately 11:24 a.m. on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 the Corpus Christi Police, Fire, and Rescue were dispatched to the 2300 block of Broadway Street and Port Avenue for a major vehicle accident. When police arrived they found four students of W.B. Ray High School that needed to be rescued from inside of the white two door vehicle.

Moments after the crash, police and paramedics began to rescue the Ray High School students from the vehicle.

When fire and rescue responders arrived they extracted the driver of the vehicle and rushed him to the hospital in critical condition. One police officer says he was unresponsive. The second male victim was found to have minor injuries and was talking to police. Officer Travis Pace says the crash is being investigated currently and that speed was a factor.

Fire fighters and rescue responders also found two males in the back of the vehicle to be deceased on arrival.

The first victim was identifed by family as 18 year old Marcello Saldua and the second victim is 18 year old Matthew Garcia. Both were Ray High School student and had just left from the American Bank Center downtown. They were practicing the graduation ceremony rehearsal. Both student were expected to walk the stage with cap and gown on Friday according to school officials.

One witness at the scene of the crash says the vehicle was racing with another vehicle and the vehicle that the two victims were in lost control and struck a wooden power pole that snapped the pole in pieces.

According to Marcello Saldua’s cousin Faith Galvan, the two victims were close friends and both attended Dr. J.A. Garcia Elementary on Gollihar Road together as kids.

“He was funny and had good vibe. Everyone wanted to be around him. Marcello couldn’t believe he was going to graduate and was about to walk the stage” says his cousin Faith Galvan.

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