Tuloso Midway ISD under scrutiny over unfair curriculum for students

Tuloso Midway High School parents and students say that the high school doesn’t provide a special curriculum to all students and feel it violates the Equal Educational Opportunity Act.

On June 14, 2021 Tuloso Midway Independent School District board members met at a regular scheduled board meeting. Two of the key topics discussed that were on the agenda are Agenda Item 7 and 8. Agenda Item 7 was discussion of student grading, class ranking, student course access and G.P.A. Practices Policy FL(LEGAL)
Agenda Item 8 was to discuss and consider request for resignation of TMISD Board Member, place 2.

Who is Tuloso Midway Place 2 Board Member- Stephen Hoelscher?

Tuloso Midway Independent School District board member Stephen Hoelscher.

Stephen Hoelscher is the secretary for the Tuloso Midway Independent School board. Hoelscher is also the husband of a Tuloso Midway High School teacher and the father of two recent Tuloso Midway valedictorians in 2017 and 2020.

Why is his resignation being discussed immediately after district leaders discussed student grading, and course access to special curriculums not offered to all high school students?

Rumors around the district and among teachers is that Tuloso Midway had special access for students who were privileged to have a father on the board as well as connections to counselors through their mother, who is a high school teacher at Tuloso Midway High School. Hoelscher’s wife resigned in May 2021. The school board also discussed how certain students were denied access to a non weighted off campus course that was meant to boost the GPA of the students. The two participants in this course were both of Stephen Hoelscher’s children, who happened to be TM Valedictorians. Is it a coincidence that Hoelscher’s kids became Valedictorian and could take this “special course” but others could not?

Special School Board Meeting on Thursday

Now after this meeting has taken place, Tuloso Midway board members have called a special meeting for this Thursday at 7pm to discuss the “Duties, role, responsibilities, and employment of the Superintendent”.

Thursday’s Special Meeting agenda for Tuloso Midway Independent School District.

Is this a coincidence, micromanaging or retaliation for shedding light on unethical practices by a Tuloso Midway Independent School District board member and educator?