Tropical Storm Nicholas sends tree crashing on home and vehicle

Tropical Storm Nicholas arrived in Corpus Christi Monday, bringing flooding rain and strong winds. Even prior to the storm’s arrival, downed trees and limbs were expected across the Coastal Bend.

In the central part of Corpus Christi, a large tree was uprooted and fell onto a family’s home where a women was resting in her bedroom after work.

Luckily the woman who was inside — was not injured.

Several large branches — some as big as trees themselves — damaged the back end of a vehicle parked and scraped the front of the home.

A tree falls on a vehicle narrowly missing a home on the 4000 block of Nemec Drive due to Tropical Storm Nicholas.

The tree did manage to miss the home, and the homeowner says she feels incredibly grateful that there wasn’t more property damage and that she is safe.

“My girlfriend called and said that a tree fell on the house so went back and came home to this,” Nazario “DJ Natural” Esparza said. “I was thinking the worst, like it had crushed the house, but we were actually pretty fortunate.”

The roots of the tree that fell were rotted, which is suprising the tree came down. And with the ground as saturated as it is, that’s why there has been concern.

“It sounded like my whole ceiling came down, but it was just my car that got damaged. I’m still trying to process it all”.