Tow Truck Driver Dead after Hit and Run on SPID

Shortly after 12 a.m. Thursday police were dispatched to a vehicle accident on the 6500 block of South Padre Island Drive between Airline and Nile Drive.

When paramedics arrived they found a man 50 to 70 feet away from a tow truck that had been stuck by another vehicle and had failed to render aid. According to a witness who worked across the street from where the accident occured mentioned that a tow a truck had been struck by the unknown vehicle.

The tow truck driver was exiting out of the tow truck on the right side shoulder lane going eastbound on SPID when the unknown vehicle side swiped the left side of the tow truck striking the 40 year old man who was working for Momento Towing LLC.

The witness says to the Crónica that it took police and paramedics 10 minutes to find the man’s body near the access road. A description of the vehicle or driver that had struck the tow truck driver has not been released by police. The tow truck driver was pronounced dead on the scene and was believed to be dead at impact.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.