Tanker engulfed in flames after brakes spark fire on Nueces Bay Causeway

A large truck tanker carrying gasoline caught fire overnight on Friday. The tanker became engulfed in flames on U.S. Route 181 south after it the brakes caught fire. Portland Police said the fire happened around 100 a.m. close to Las Brisas Apartments.

Mutal aid was given by the Gregory-Portland Fire Department along with DPS troopers shutting down U.S. 181 lanes to traffic. The tanker was leaking fuel onto the Frontage Road with streams of fire going in different directions on both sides of the tanker and the tactics used were the same used for aircraft fires.

The truck driver intitially tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher, which ultimately he was unsuccessful. Police said the 18 wheeler truck tank was full. It took firefighters close to an hour to put out the flames. Authorities said there were no injuries. The highway will resume traffic after cleanup is completed.

Facebook Live of Scene