Students speak out about school cafeteria food, after photo of lunch

Parents and students at the Robstown Independent School District are complaining about the school cafeteria food they’re being served at school. Several photos and videos raised concerns of some lunch amongst parents.

The photo of a tray with a pizza are making their way around social media that some parents and students say looks discolored and cold.

One grandmother, Norma Villalobos, says the picture taken by her grandson explains why he comes home hungry after school.

One student posted a video of rotten milk being poured into a small plastic bowl of cereal at Robstown High School. Another student posted a video of an apple covered in fungus that he says “our apples grow hair too” that was recorded from the intermediate school in Robstown.

Lunch tray at Robstown High School
Fungus growing on apple
Rotten milk being poured into cereal

Many parents went to Norma’s Facebook post and began to comment things like “many of the children depend on these lunches everyday”.

Robstown Independent School District replied to Mary Villalobos post and stated “Robstown ISD has been made aware of this photo circulating on social media that was taken of a meal served from a campus cafeteria. We are actively looking into this concern. Please know, this is not the standard that we expect when it comes to the nutrition needs of our students.”

Robstown Independent School District Facebook comment

It is unclear at this time what will Robstown Independent School District will do to provide other options for student to eat.