South Park Mexican daughter opens shop in Trade Center

Houston rapper South Park Mexican has been incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections since 2001, but that hasn’t stopped his daughter Carley Coy from taking over the Dope House Records label located in Houston, Texas. Now, she has open shop inside the Corpus Christi Trade Center located at 2833 South Padre Island Drive with merchandise, music CD’s, and more.

Inside the shop, you can find the Dope House Records merchandise and get to meet and greet the rapper’s daughter that has her own show on YouTube called “At The House”. Carley Coy has also been dropping music for the past several years, including the album “My Father’s Revenge”. We briefly spoke to Carley and she says she is working on her second album.

In 2001, rapper South Park Mexican was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and was sentenced to 45 years in prison. During that time, South Park Mexican had just signed a multi-million dollar music contract with Universal Records that sparked the rapper’s career to whole new level when Tejano music was dying out. Songs like “You Know My Name” and “Mexican Radio” began to get heavy radio play in South Texas. Many Hispanics put their cowboy hats and boots in the closet and switched it out with bald fades, gold teeth grills, and Houston Astro caps.

In the 1990’s South Park Mexican’s music began to buzz the Houston streets and even collaborating with DJ Screw and California rapper Kid Frost.

The Dope House Records shop located inside the Trade Center is on the corner of California and Rome. Carlos Coy updated his fan through YouTube saying “we are getting serious on merchandise and we even have some shoes coming out”. The record label will also open up shop in Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and Corpus Christi.