Showdown in Austin: South Texas party leaders react to arrest warrants issued for Democrats

The Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to send down the warrants for law enforcement authorities to arrest and retrieve dozens of Democrats who are lawmakers that fled to Washington, D.C. to block a vote on election legislation they are calling voter suppression.

Showdown In Austin makes Local Talk

Although it is legal to call for arrest and it has been done before in the past, many are asking if it is “morally” correct to order an arrest for the Democratic representatives and Senators who fled to Washington DC. We spoke to several political chairmen and chairwomen of both sides of the political aisles and this is what they had to say.

Nueces County Republican Chairwoman

Barbie Baker, Nueces County Republican Party Chairwoman

“The objective of the Voter Integrity Legislation is to make it harder to cheat, not harder to vote. The message being sent by the Democrats that chose to abandon their responsibility of representing their constituents – TWICE- is that they do not have a credible leg to stand on for their opposition to election integrity. When you have a valid argument, you stand your ground and respectfully work to accomplish the will of the people. When you cannot convey why you disagree and provide proof as to why this legislation is not for the greater good, you run away. It is not our elected Republican Leaders that have run away, with their Miller- Lite, to avoid representing the will of the people to pass legislation assuring each legal vote is counted. To the Democrats that have abandoned their post, do the right thing! Come back to Texas and get to work for the Texans that elected you!”

Nueces County Democratic Party Chairwoman

Coretta Graham, Democratic Party Chairwoman of Nueces County

“People have the right to vote. Greg Abott is atrocious for making it harder for people to vote. They rather cheat than play by the rules. Republicans want to disenfranchise the black and brown voters and even those with disabilities. I want to congratulate the Democrats in the Legislature who stood up against voter suppression. Looking at Governor Greg Abbott, he has failed in handling the electric grid properly.”

Republican Party Chairman of Webb County

Tyler Kraus, Republican Chairman of Webb County/Laredo

The Democrats that left the State of Texas are neglecting their oaths to serve the people. Voter integrity is clearly an issue and has been and issue since the 2020 Election. The fact that the Democratic Party refuses to admit this is dangerous to our democracy. What realm they are living in I am not sure. Being able to vote is a sacred right, and no one should be able to walk into a polling location without an ID and vote. We must protect our Democracy and Texas Democrats are clearly not interested in doing that as evidenced by the fact that they have shown no interest in strengthening voting laws in the State of Texas. The consequences of this will be severe.

Tyler Kraus, Republican Chairman of Webb County/Laredo

Democratic Party Chairman of Kleberg County

Leo Alarcon, Democratic Chairman of Kleberg County

I’m aware that Democratic members of the Texas house left to DC in planes in an effort to try to stop the bill in question from becoming law. The Texas Republican House members are trying to pass legislation that would make it significantly harder to vote for registered voters. And the way they’re trying to change the voting laws here would disproportionately affect all minority voters of colors, the poor voters and those with disabilities. I’m definitely behind them doing this. I’m also aware that they were going to show their presence at the Capitol in favor of federal legislation for the Senate to pass the John Lewis bill.

Leo Alarcon, Democratic Chairman of Kleberg County/ Kingsville

Voters will ultimately decide whether it was the ethical to send for the arrests of Texas Democrats come the ballot box next year.

How do you as Crónica readers feel about the issue?