Sex, Surveillance, and the Port of Corpus Christi

In one of their nastiest acts, the Port of Corpus Christi has been sending out it’s “goon squad“ police force to take video and use long range cameras like a “Peeping Tom” into the private homes along the La Quinta Channel. One Ingleside by the Bay area resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported to the Crónica that she believes the Port of Corpus Christi may have videotaped she and her boyfriend engaging in “private activity“ in their very own bedroom. The resident fears that Port Director Sean Strawbridge and his assistant Omar Garcia have residents under surveillance in order to compile embarrassing information, possibly nudity, they will use to try and shut them up and stop complaints against the Port. The resident exclusively told the Crónica she is worried the Port is compiling a “Kim Kardashian type sex tape” of her to release to the public. 

It is well known that the Ingleside by the Bay residents have vocal and active complaints against the Port Commission. Port Commissioners Charlie Zahn, David Engle, Rajan Ahuja, Catherine Hilliard, and Bryan Gulley are doing nothing to protect the residents impacted by Port activities, including the overt surveillance and bedroom photographs being taken by Port police. Insiders know the Port Commissioners and Sean Strawbridge are paying Doug Allison, the “husband” of Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales almost a million dollars and not even he will help his old neighbors. Now some Ingleside by the Bay residents are buying black out curtains to keep snooping Port Commissioners out of their bedrooms. 

Websites, Facebook pages have been dedicated to the complaints of the residents along the La Quinta Channel where the Port operates. They have bitterly complained about Port Assistant Omar Garcia’s failure to listen to their valid concerns. But this time, Port Director Sean Strawbridge and Garcia have gone too far and the Port police has become a literal surveillance team using “paparazzi” type cameras to peer into private homes. Residents want to know, what is the Port doing with all of this video tape and photography of their homes? Are their worst fears being realized? Are Port employees sharing nude photographs or putting their pictures on the dark web?

Ingleside residents want to know why does the Port of Corpus Christi have the huge expenditure of a gigantic, unchecked police force? Exactly how much of the Port’s budget is going to pay for this surveillance team? Is this legal or an invasion of the privacy? For one resident and her “guest,” they are now considering legal action if anyone associated with the Port releases nude photos or videotape of them. She is adamant telling the Crónica, “there better not be a Kim Kardashian-like sex tape of me floating around Port offices.” 

The Crónica continues to investigate the Port of Corpus Christi and Director Sean Strawbridge for corruption and is offering strict confidentially to anyone who wishes to report information on the Port’s surveillance activities. We condemn the photographing and video taping of private homes along Ingleside by the Bay and we publicly ask Port Commissioners to immediately stop these Port practices. Local residents should not have to live in fear that our very own Port is taking nude photographs of them.