Port proposing the Coastal Bend become Hazardous Waste disposal site

Port of Corpus Christi proposing to bring the world’s carbon garbage to Corpus Christi and dump in Nueces County and San Patricio County. Port Executive Assistant Omar Garcia announced this latest Port project to a group of Corpus Christi City Council members and area Mayors. Port Director Sean Strawbridge was notably absent in the meeting with Garcia telling the elected officials that Strawbridge was on vacation. The proposed “carbon capture” project is a global initiative to collect carbon waste products from countries such as Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, the Port of Rotterdam, Russia, Cuba and dispose of this waste near our homes in Nueces County and San Patricio County.

Omar Garcia is known to Crónica readers as the staff enforcer demanding compliance from Port Commissioners. Crónica readers may recall that it was Omar Garcia that refused to allow Port Commissioners to talk to the media. Garcia told the meeting of public officials, including all the area Mayors, that dumping the world’s garbage in our area would make the Port look green and curry favor with the Biden Administration. Omar Garcia indicated that the Port concocted this scheme through a California consultant. Recently, the Sean Strawbridge introduced an environmental policy that announced the Port’s intentions to join the Paris Accord agreement. Laughingly, Strawbridge was informed that only nations can sign the agreement. 

Local public officials voiced immediate opposition to the Port’s dumping plan. Many of the elected officials expressed concern about turning our area into a global carbon hazardous waste disposal site. The latest Port scheme is unbelievable to us! This proposal by the Port even by Port’s standards is incredibly dumb.

Local residents will not stand for the Coastal Bend to become an environmental hazardous waste community. The Port should stay in its lane. The Crónica believes this project is illegal and not a state authorized project for a navigation district. How many Ports in Texas are doing waste carbon capture and bringing it their towns? None. Not one Port is even suggesting this because the Port’s know the law. Navigation Districts are not authorized for these business activities. Gathering garbage and hazardous waste from the world is not sanctioned by the State of Texas for Navigation District and that includes the Port of Corpus Christi. 

The Executive Leadership Team of the Port of Corpus Christi is letting the Port Commissioners and the community down. The continued failed leadership of Sean Strawbridge and Omar Garcia has led to the disastrous failures in the history of the Port. The community will no longer be fooled by the charades this group conjures. Note to Sean Strawbridge and Omar Garcia: Our community does not want your carbon garbage. Take your California ideas else where.