Port of Corpus Christi uses federal grant to buy out-of-country boat

Port of Corpus Christi’s Sean Strawbridge uses federal tax money to the tune of $1,247,342 million dollars to buy fancy, new state of the art, 44 foot speed boat to add to fleet. To add insult, the speed boat expenditures were entirely spent out of the USA.

Sean Strawbridge even went to Canada on a junket to inspect the boat furnishing with the blessings of Port Commissioner Cathy Hilliard. Under the guise of “enhancing port operations,” the public Port of Corpus Christi’s purchase is pure pork barrel, Port government spending reminiscent of Strawbridge’s $215,000 TV, quarter of million dollars in “art”, and Strawbridge’s custom marble bar.

Crónica sources also tell us that Strawbridge’s office is built for a King with an all glass view of the Inner Harbor, a Peloton bike, and an oversized, custom white, marble bathroom. This after the Cronica caught Strawbridge and County Judge Barbara Canales spending $800 on Friday night hotel stays at the swanky Hotel Zaza in Houston. Crónica has the actual invoices of Strawbridge expenditures for the Hotel Zaza that also include $1500 dinners with $100 bottles of wine for County Judge Barbara Canales.

The Crónica has also learned that the Port Commissioners are “auditing” expenses in preparation for potentially having to turn over the hot records. It is widely known that the Port classifies expenditures in a manner to keep them hidden, breaking them into five different general ledger accounts in order to confuse public. They never ledger the expenses in one account in order to cover up Strawbridge’s large personal Port expenses. Crónica readers have also exclusively told us that Strawbridge is using Port money to pay Barbara Canales live in lover lawyer Doug Allison hundreds of thousands of dollars with the number increasing daily.

Crónica readers are reporting that Strawbridge was sighted taking Port Chairman Charlie Zahn, Barbara Canales, and her political advisor Larry Elizondo to lunch in Port Aransas on the new speed boat.

The Crònica wants to know, is Sean Strawbridge using the Port of Corpus Christi new fancy speed boat to catch some local fish?