Port of Corpus Christi takes control the City of Ingleside; Mayor ousted

Portland, Sinton, Taft, Odem, Mathis, Port Aransas, and Robstown,Texas beware! The Port of Corpus Christi is coming for your Mayor and your City Councils. In a dispicable political play right out of Hollywood tv show, one of the Port of Corpus Christi’s own employees John Schack and Port Director Sean Strawbridge conspired to oust beloved the City of Ingleside Mayor Ronnie Parker over missing meetings while his son in law was literally in the hospital dying of the virus, and his family was quarantined. Sadly, Mayor Ronnie Parker’s son-in-law died in September. The Crónica extends our heartfelt condolences over the loss of Mayor Parker’s dear family member.

Image of Ronnie Parker the mayor of the city of Ingleside, Texas.
Mayor of Ingleside, Texas – Ronnie Parker

Taking advantage during the family crisis, the Port of Corpus Christi assisted their very own employee John Schack in the ugliest political stunt that South Texas has seen in decades. The City Council of Ingleside, in a secret executive session, refused to excuse Mayor Ronnie Parker’s absences and voted to take away his City Council seat. This, despite the fact the Ingleside election is a little more than six months away, and the City Council has previously excused a Council member for a far less better reason. Mayor Ronnie Parker was bravely battling his family illness and hospitalizations, while the Port conceived of a way to get him out of office and install their own Mayor. The Crónica readers are not going to be fooled by John Schack’s late night, maneuvering vote stunt that he thinks puts him cleanly in the driver’s seat to be Mayor. The residents of Ingleside know he was behind the move to discount the votes of the people. Local residents are saying John Schack pulled off a disgusting political coup d’état and the Crónica is publicly calling on the Ingleside City Council to vote against John Schack serving as the next Mayor of Ingleside.

The power hungry, scheming Port of Corpus Christi Director Sean Strawbridge and the cruel Port Commissioners Rick Valls, Charlie Zahn, Rajan Ahuja, Bryan Gulley, and Catherine Hilliard are systematically trying to gain political power. Last year they went after several Corpus Christi City Council members and now they are focussed on taking down popular and hard working County Commissioner, Joe “JAG” Gonzalez. Bravely, Commissioner JAG has systematically called out Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales, voting against Canales’ attempts to raise taxes and overpay her hand picked lobbyists. Crónica readers know that Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales appointed Port Commissioners who turned around and hired her “common law” husband Doug Allison, who is now set to make a million dollars off the Port. Where is the money going? The Port of Corpus Christi’s money is going straight into the very household where Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales lives.

The Port of Corpus Christi is now controlling the City Council of Ingleside. What’s worse for the people of Ingleside? The Port’s actions are now directly affecting the City of Ingleside’s ability to provide basic services including fixing city streets and their massive drainage issues. Why? Because the Port has literally taken tens of dollars away from the people of Ingleside by removing thousands of acres off their tax rolls. The Port of Corpus Christi owns Ingleside properties including the 2800 acre McCampbell tract, followed by the 33 acre Hamilton tract, followed by the 552 acre Cheniere tract and the 302 acre Good Hope dredging tract. Some 3500 plus acres of taxable Ingleside property are literally taken off the public tax rolls and eliminated from the City of Ingleside budget. The City of Ingleside is now cash poor because of the Port of Corpus Christi. The Port of Corpus Christi does not pay taxes to the City of Ingleside and now their employee is set to become the Mayor of Ingleside. This is a gross conflict of interest.

To add insult to injury, the Crónica has learned that the Port of Corpus Christi’s Sean Strawbridge is now set to offer a “nuisance fee” to Ingleside and pay a small payment in lieu of taxes if the new Mayor becomes Port employee John Schack. Trying to fool Ingleside residents, the Port isn’t going to pay its fair share of taxes on the improvements, where all the real tax money comes from. Schack’s sleazy conflict of interest with the Port is beyond acceptable to the people who are eyeing next May’s election to oust the controlled Ingleside City Council. But for now, the next probable Mayor of Ingleside literally works for Port CEO Sean Strawbridge.

The Ingleside City Council Members and Port Commissioners who support this action are the cruelest, most ruthless, and heartless officials in Texas. The City of Ingleside used to have a warm, small town feeling and most of its residents are salt of the earth people, but now the Port of Corpus Christi is in power and they have shown zero concern for the grieving family of the honorable Mayor Ronnie Parker.

The Port of Corpus Christi led by Sean Strawbridge and Port Commissioners Rick Valls, Charlie Zahn, Rajan Ahuja, Bryan Gulley, and Catherine Hilliard are in a relentless quest for money and power. Like the old adage: absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Do you have a word of sympathy for Ingleside former Mayor Ronnie Parker and his family over the loss of their loved one?