Port of Corpus Christi pays local media tens of thousands dollars

Open records received exclusively by the Crònica prove the Port of Corpus Christi has paid tens of thousands of dollars to KRIS 6 News and other local media outlets. This week a series of puff pieces by Katia Uriarte on Port CEO Sean Strawbridge is airing on KRIS 6 News. What’s the kicker? Sean Strawbridge is also one of Katia Uriarte’s current husband Johnny Philipello’s bosses at the Buc Commission. We all know Johnny P. as the guy that charged us big bucks to go see our own Buc Parade. Our public integrity sources believe these damaging new facts may threaten Katia Uriarte’s journalistic integrity and are being vetted for conflicts of interest. The Crònica is giving an open forum for the Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners, Sean Strawbridge, or KRIS 6 TV to explain. If Sean Strawbridge and the Port wants to host the Crònica to secret, high dollar lunches the way they do KRIS 6 News honchos, we will have to politely decline. More on this investigative series to come.