Port of Corpus Christi ethics violation under scrutiny. But will it matter?

The Crónica has exclusively obtained copies of invoices paid to Judge Barbara Canales’ “husband” Doug Allison by the Port of Corpus Christi in amounts of $57,220, $54,390, and $44,130. The thirty day total paid by the Port to Doug Allison is a shocking $155,740, going to County Judge Barbara Canales’ household, while she appoints Port Commissioners. We believe this is a violation of the state’s ethics laws.

Insiders report Doug Allison is being paid by Port Director Sean Strawbridge to aggressively lobby City Council. Doug Allison is believed to be counting on his ally City Councilman Gil Hernandez, who the Crónica believes is a RINO for his constant pandering and talking about “Doug & Barbara.” Gil Hernandez also appears to be a fan boy of Sean Strawbridge constantly talking about him and refusing to stand up to obvious public corruption.

All eyes are on the Corpus Christi City Council as the Port appointment is set for next Tuesday. Their very own colleague, the honorable City Councilman Billy Lerma has told law-enforcement that he believes the Port Commissioner up for reappointment, Rick Valls, tried to bribe him for his Port vote. Will the City Council stand up against public corruption? The stakes are high, Port Director Sean Strawbridge’s lavish overspending, failed projects, secret contracts, and potential fraud must be scrutinized by Port Commissioners. But, so long as Port Director Sean Strawbridge pays County Judge Barbara Canales’ husband, Doug Allison- it appears the inmates will continue to run the asylum and Port Director Sean Strawbridge will continue to control the Port of Corpus Christi. We believe that is the definition of corruption.