Port of Corpus Christi comissioners are taking a trip to the Holy Land

The Crónica has exclusively learned that the Port of Corpus Christi is the only Port in the world paying cold hard cash to sponsor the World Hydrogen Summit 2022 so that Port Commissioners Bryan Gulley, Rajan Ahuja, David Engle, and Port staffers Sean Strawbridge, Omar Garcia, and Jeff Pollack can go on a fantastical, all expenses paid, ten day trip to the Netherlands and Israel. It appears that the Port of Corpus Christi is paying more than $100,000 for Port Commissioners and their staff to go on a bucket-list trip to the Netherlands ending in Israel at the Holy Land.

What is even more outrageous is the Port is using the excuse of visiting a desalination plant in Israel, even after the unanimous resolution from the entire City Council telling the Port to stop. Why is the Port spending a $100,000+ going to Rotterdam and Israel, when they went to see desalination in California? No one is going to be fooled, the technology is all basically the same. The Port’s trip is a slap in the face to the Corpus Christi City Council and the water rate payers, who have made it clear–no one wants the Port producing high-priced water. 

In what looks like a pay to play scheme to us, the Port is “sponsoring” the “World Summit” and one of their environmental planners, Jeff Pollack is speaking on the topic of “Hydrogen.” Except Pollack, nor the Port, has ever built hydrogen and can hardly claim expertise in this area. It seems Sean Strawbridge and Planner Jeff Pollack are the ones that dream up all the Port’s “big announcements,” none of which every seem to materialize. But given that Houston is the site of another “World Hydrogen Summit” in June, couldn’t the Port Commissioners and their staff just drive there?

Nope, instead Port Executive Director Sean Strawbridge is using what the Cronica believes is a way to keep Port Commissioners beholden to him- a big time, extravagant, boondoggle, gift of a trip. Port Commissioners Bryan Gulley, Rajan Ahuja, David Engle, and Port staffers Sean Strawbridge, Omar Garcia, and Jeff Pollack are flying first class, staying at five-star hotels, and scheduled for meals at top dollar restaurants. 

The Crónica also believes that several of the Port Commissioners and their staff are bringing their wives and significant “others.” The Crónica can hardly wait to see the Port Commissioners “bucket list trip” ten day trip from the Netherlands to the Holy Land on social media- all paid for by our very own Port of Corpus Christi dollars.