Port of Corpus Christi CEO spends $160,000 on one piece of art

Public documents obtained by the Crónica prove Port CEO Sean Strawbridge spent $160,000 on one piece of art. This comes after a shocking revelation that the Port led by Port Commissioner Catherine Hilliard just bought Strawbridge a $215,000 television. The Crònica also broke the story on the $800 Hotel Zaza Friday nights and $1,500 dinner Sean Strawbridge, and his partner in crime, County Judge Barbara Canales spent using Port public monies.

The Port of Corpus Christi is in a downward spiral, extorting Port Aransas on their marina, threatening fishing at Indian point pier in Portland, multiple failed Harbor Island contracts, bad mouthing Corpus Christi‘s economic development, failed regional relationships, lavish spending, and no oversight by Port Commissioners.

See the Port agenda here:

11.e. Approve a service contract in an amount not to exceed $160,000 with Ryan Lee Gallery LLC for creation, delivery, and installation of custom artwork (“Light Current”) by Katy Stone.

Check out the materials. Couldn’t the Port have hired a local artist?

Materials used:
Metalized Mylar (PET) laminated to clear acrylic circles 3⁄4 ” in diameter x 1⁄4” thick, mounted to the wall with stainless steel pins and permanent 3M adhesive.

More to come on our public investigative series on the Port of Corpus Christi.