Port of Corpus Christi Administration Building $20 Million Over Budget

The Port of Corpus Christi Administration Building is $20 million dollars higher than the original 2020 budget of $23 million dollars. Reports that the massive cost over runs and lavish interior expenditures, have virtually no Port Commission oversight. The Crònica is calling for an independent investigation into the public Port of Corpus Christi CEO Sean Strawbridge’s financial dealings in the new Port Administration building.

No expenditure appears too great for Strawbridge who bought a notorious $215,000 television set, spent more than half a million dollars on art, and our latest reports are that Strawbridge is building himself a marble bar that he intends to fully stock with high end liquor. No one at the Port will explain the Port Administration Building’s cost overruns.

Port CEO Sean Strawbridge was also sighted using the Port of Corpus Christi’s Country Club golf membership with different women and there are reports the Port is paying for his wine that costs up to $100 a bottle.

The Crónica wants to know, are the public funds of the Port also paying for Strawbridge’s after hours partying? There appears to be no end in sight for the Port’s building expenditures and no oversight by weak Port Commissioners, several of whom are reported to be doing business with Port related entities.

Reports are flooding into the Crónica of a complex web of conflicts, contracts, job offers, free travel, massive overtime pay, and hiring of attorneys and lobbyists going on involving Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales and the Port of Corpus Christi. We understand close family members and long time friends are the recipients of the benefits of insider dealings.

The Crónica is issuing a public all call— if you have any evidence of any of the above, conflicts of interest, public corruption, receipts, or videos of any member of the Port of Corpus Christi, County Judge Barbara Canales or Port CEO Sean Strawbridge that you believe is just plain wrong— we will publish your findings. All information must be fully documented and will be posted confidentially to protect your identity, and your job. The Crònica once again extends an open invitation for County Judge Barbara Canales, Sean Strawbridge, or any Port official to respond to our reports. If it’s not all true and correct, we will post a retraction. What do they have to hide?

More on this investigative series to come.

Crónica Poll: Do you think the public Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners and Sean Strawbridge should have to answer why they appear to be $20 million over budget for their new Port  Administration building?