Port Director Sean Strawbridge Fails To Take Over Christus Spohn

In a stunning defeat, Port Director Sean Strawbridge loses his bid to become the new Christus Spohn Board trustee. In a victory for local health care, the Nueces County Commissioner’s Court voted to appoint Dr. Shah Islam to the Christus Spohn Board. Embarrassingly, after Sean Strawbridge aggressively lobbied for the position, he failed to even get a motion or a second from Commissioner’s Court. 

The Crónica learned earlier this week that it was Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales that was moving to oust esteemed Dr. Shah Islam from the Christus Spohn Board and install her husband Doug Allison’s boss, Port Director Sean Strawbridge. Crónica readers know that Sean Strawbridge is paying Barbara Canales’ husband a million dollars from the Port of Corpus Christi. We believe Canales has serious conflicts of interest and that her latest move was completely unethical.

Crónica readers told us they laughed out loud at Strawbridge’s application that detailed his qualifications for the Christus Spohn board as having “family in health care.” County Commissioners stood up today sending a strong and united message to Sean Strawbridge and Barbara Canales that our health care system cannot be part of Canales’ political games. 

Sean Strawbridge has led a disastrous reign at the Port of Corpus Christi with an exploding legal budget after hiring Barbara Canales’ husband Doug Allison. The Crónica believes it is time for Port Commissioners to stand up to Strawbridge and question why all his recent projects have failed. Strawbridge appears to be “leading” through a string of “Memorandum of Agreements” (MOUs) that are posted to the Port’s website with great fanfare, promising huge deals, “green hydrogen”, “blue hydrogen”, and all kinds of environmental wonders. None of which ever materialize and then silently they are canceled on the Port’s website with zero explanation. Deal after deal has failed at Harbor Island and it is time for the Port to end their desalination project there, which is against the residents of Port Aransas and the water producer, the City of Corpus Christi. 

Today, the Nueces County Commissioner’s Court did the right thing. They stood up for the residents of the Coastal Bend and told Barbara Canales and Sean Strawbrige that our healthcare is not to be toyed with. More on the Crónica Investigates Canales for Corruption to come.