Port Commissioner Rick Valls Owns Businesses Profiting From Port

The vast world of Port Commissioner Richard “Rick” Valls’ shipping services empire includes a complex network of businesses that provides services to the biggest ships that come into the Port of Corpus Christi. In fact, Port Commissioner Rick Valls customers are also the Port of Corpus Christi’s customers, while Commissioner Valls votes on items that impact his clients and his business. Public records indicate Port customers are hiring a Port Commissioner, and who is that Port Commissioner? Rick Valls

As Port Commissioner, Rick Valls votes on the fees his very own clients pay to the Port of Corpus Christi. Public records also prove that Port Commissioner Rick Valls owns a Shipping and Transport Company, a line handling company, a barge maintenance services company, a cleaning company, a Port land holding company, a management company, an equipment and services company, and a testing and verification company, among other companies and services offered. The vast outreach of Commissioner Rick Valls’ port service businesses is shocking and deeply concerning to loyal Crónica readers who continue to send us confidential information about one sitting Port Commissioner- Rick Valls.

You see Port Commissioner Rick Valls is the owner of a shipping company who owns “Stevedore” companies- that load and unload the largest ships. Every single customer of Commissioner Rick Valls that comes into the Port of Corpus Christi, is also a customer of the Port of Corpus Christi and that is what creates the conflict, because as a Port Commissioner, he votes on items that impact his personal business clients. As a Stevedore, Port Commissioner Rick Valls provides every item his Port customers may need, including groceries, fuel, gang planks, rental items, repairs in harbor, and coordination of customs and border security. Public records prove that a sitting Port Commissioner is making a large amount of money off the Port of Corpus Christi customers and that Port Commissioner? Rick Valls 

What is even more shocking? Port Commissioner Rick Valls also owns other Stevedore companies and all of his local stevedore companies are getting free advertisement from the Port of Corpus Christi directly. The Port even lists Rick Valls’ companies in their website. Port of Corpus Christi employees and resources are currently being used to advertise the business of a sitting Port Commissioner- Rick Valls. 

Simply put, Port Commissioner Rick Valls makes a large amount of money off most of those very large ships that come into the Port of Corpus Christi. So, the Crónica wants to know, do you think it’s “public service” or “self service” that is driving Rick Valls to desperately want to serve as a Port Commissioner? 

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