Port Commissioner Rick Valls Has Secret Lease Agreement With Port

Crónica Discovers Port Commissioner Rick Valls Has Secret 100,000 sq. feet Lease Agreement With Port of Corpus Christi

Breaking News- Exclusive documents obtained by the Crónica prove Port Commissioner Rick Valls has secured a lease agreement totaling 100,000 square feet with the Port of Corpus Christi, while voting on Port items that impact his personal business. The Port’s own public documents prove that Commissioner Rick Valls also does personal business deals with the Port of Corpus Christi directly. On top of that, Valls sells extensive services to Port clients, while as a Port Commissioner, he determines their fees for wharfage and dockage. The Port is also gifting Port Commissioner Rick Valls’ free advertising on the Port’s website, while he is a Port Commissioner.  What does this mean? It means that Port Commissioner Rick Valls has massive conflicts of interests and should not be a sitting Port Commissioner. 

Port Commissioner Rick Valls took this gigantic 100,000 square foot lease away from a Port customer by leasing it from the Port of Corpus Christi himself. Instead of leasing directly from the Port, a customer now has to lease it from a sitting Port Commissioner. 100,000 square is equivalent to two entire football fields of Port owned warehouse property that Commissioner Rick Valls is entirely controlling for his own private business. 

As a Port Commissioner, Shipping Agent Rick Valls votes on items that impact his personal business at the Port. He votes on leases, easement agreements, contracts, and he sets the prices in the form of fees that Port clients pay for their wharfage and dockage. The Port clients are also Port Commissioner Rick Valls’ personal business clients. See the conflict?

The Crónica believes that Rick Valls fellow Port Commissioners Rajan Ahuja, Bryan Gulley, Charlie Zahn, and Catherine Hilliard should be questioning Rick Valls conflicts of interests. How can Rick Valls be leasing from the Port of Corpus Christi, be a shipping agent doing work at the Port, be receiving free advertising from the Port, and also be controlling the Port’s activity as a Port Commissioner. To make matters worse– it is Rick Valls who Chairs Long Term Planning for the Port of Corpus Christi. Valls is playing everyone, while he systematically is planning the future of the Port, impacting his own private business. Can you see the money?

Eagle-eyed Crónica readers have called to our attention this shocking lease Port/Valls agreement and a large number of Port commercials and ads on the local “mainstream” media. But where is the story on a 100,000 square feet, secret lease agreement to Port Commissioner Rick Valls? The Crónica broke the news that a station director was fired over a “private” lunch with Sean Strawbridge and we published the receipt. We also broke the news that Emmy Award winning investigative journalist Matt Stevens was fired after investigating Port Director Sean Strawbridge for corruption. The Crónica believes that the Port is giving some local media hush money of over $35,000 a month.

Bottom line: Port Commissioner Rick Valls has serious ethical issues and should immediately be made to resign as a Port Commissioner. Rick Valls cannot continue to lease from the Port for his private business, have the Port advertise his business for free, sell goods and services to Port clients–while as a Port Commissioner he sets Port industry fees AND votes on items that directly impact his personal business. There are so many conflicts that Rick Valls just needs to go.

See the shocking lease agreement exclusively on the Crónica website for yourself here: