Port CEO Sean Strawbridge highest paid in government; misses meetings

Confidential Crónica sources have learned that Port Commissioners have made Port CEO Sean Strawbridge the single highest paid person in government with a salary of almost $600,000 a year in total compensation, more than the Governor of Texas and the President of the United States combined.

But, when the Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners finally met for the first time in person at their regularly scheduled Port Commission meeting yesterday, Sean Strawbridge was MIA- missing in action. Like “Where is Waldo”-Where is Sean Strawbridge?

Crónica sources tell us Strawbridge has been sighted vacationing in sunny St. Barts. The French Caribbean island of St. Barts is in vogue with the moneyed set, who are pulling down $600,000 a year. We guess he can’t be bothered to attend scheduled Port Commission meetings.

The Crònica is asking an open question to the Port Commissioners, how many days a year does Strawbridge get off? Seems like he just took time off to go to Mexico during the Texas Winter Storm. More on this investigative series to come…