Port Aransas mayoral candidate Wendy Moore conflict of interest

Several smaller cities are having elections this May, and area residents are asking questions about the candidates running. In the City of Port Aransas, four candidates are vying to replace beloved Mayor Charles Bujan, who passed away earlier this year. Mayor Bujan is famous for having stood up to the Port of Corpus Christi and their “outside” lawyer Doug Allison, “husband” of Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales, when the Port sued to take back the Port Aransas Marina. This happened after Mayor Bujan refused to support the Port and their faulty desalination project at Harbor Island because it could potentially seriously harm the Redfish Estuary.

Wendy Moore’s family has worked everywhere from Robert’s Port Park, to Island Moorings, to Port Aransas High school. Wendy’s Moore’s family has had so many contracts with the City of Port Aransas, it is tough to count. In recent years, they have been awarded bond contracts of over $4.5 million. Wendy Moore’s family literally brags that they have paved every street in town and have completed site work on 90% of the construction. Does this pose a gigantic conflict for Mayoral Candidate Wendy Moore?

Wendy Moore’s family also acknowledges they have a “close” relationship with key City of Port Aransas staff. Now Wendy Moore has launched an aggressive campaign for Mayor. Why is Wendy Moore so desperate to become Mayor? Is there a conflict of interest with the amount of work her family is hired to do by the City of Port Aransas? With the election on May 7, Wendy Moore is going to have to start answering the tough questions.

The Crónica is going to be keeping a close eye on this election. If you have any tips about local elections and candidates, please contact Crónica. We are continuing our investigation into area corruption. More on this investigative series to come.