Police respond to a ‘swatting’ incident at Cimarron Lake Estates

At approximately 2:25 p.m. the Corpus Christi Police Department was dispatched to a shooting on the 4600 block of Cimarron Lake Drive. According to dispatch, a report was made that a man shot his brother in the head and that if anybody walked through the door that he was going to shoot them.

Corpus Christi Police activated the SWAT Team and Drone operations. After police surrounded the home, a child and woman came outside. Police detained the woman and child and entered the home with shields to clear the property. After making entry and clearing the home for a victim and shooter, police found no victims or present shooter.

Police began to investigate where the call came from. Police say that the phone number used to call police to make the fake report, was used in another call to police earlier in the day.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in responding the fake phone call and the caller may face prosecution for making a false police report.

The act of swatting is the actual intentional prank of getting police and other emergency professionals to a location for the drama of an event. The individual that participates in the prank may not remain on the premises until after the cops and other authorities leave. However, either through tracking or seeing the person pulling the prank law enforcement may discover who started the matter and hold him or her legally responsible for the situation.