Parent Helps Fight Student At Baker Middle School

On Tuesday, May 24, 2021 cellphone video shows a fight between a parent and a student after school at Baker Middle School. In the video, the mother helped her daughter attack the other student, whose age is unknown.

According to the mother, who got down from her vehicle ans proceeded to point into the students face in regard to a Snapchat message. The student wasn’t hesitant to defend herself against the adult mother who ended up assaulting the student and began to throw punches, ultimately throwing the student to the ground. The mother was able to break away from the fight and that is when the daughter began to fight the victim.

After a minute of fist fighting, the students were stopped by multiple students from Baker Middle School. The parent has been identified as Racquel Rodriguez and no charges have been filed. No word from officials at Baker Middle School or the Corpus Christi Independent School District as of yet on safety measures.