Old Nueces County Courthouse continues to decay amid primary election

Tomorrow, is the primary Election Day of 2022. At the Crónica, we do not forget campaign promises. When Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales ran for office she made one big promise, she said she would redevelop the Old Nueces County Courthouse. In fact, Barbara Canales told the voters to support her candidacy because she was the only person that could fix the Old Courthouse. The Crónica has learned today that historical artifacts and bricks have fallen at such a rapid pace over the last three years, redevelopment is completely lost. Canales lied to the voters and has done nothing.

Barbara Canales has very big failures in office. In a 13-1 vote, the entire Corpus Christi City Council and the County Commissioners voted to remove her from the Health District, after she paid salaried Health Director Annette Rodriguez $200,000 in overtime. She unilaterally closed the Island beaches. She fought bitterly with the County engineer after he didn’t support giving a sweetheart deal to her “husband” Doug Allison’s boss, Port Chairman Charlie Zahn. She refused to hold life saving health services in Corpus Christi, forcing residents to drive to Robstown, and to wait in crazy long lines. She sued a longtime volunteer board member, voted to give county contracts to her campaign staff, and installed her biggest political donors on the Port of Corpus Christi Commission. 

Now, the entire Commissioner’s Court regularly votes against her. Why? Because Canales has bullied, berated, named called, and screamed obscenities at her fellow Commissioners and their staff, acting like a dictator using her “emergency powers” to make major county decisions all by herself. For any of these reasons, the disrespectful Barbara Canales does not deserve reelection. 

But her two biggest failures are none of the above. Barbara Canales’ biggest failures? Creating a culture of corruption where she appointed Port Commissioners and they turned around and hired her “husband” Doug Allison, now paying him a million dollars. Her other biggest failure? Failure to redevelop the Old Nueces County Courthouse, her biggest campaign promise to the voters. The dangerous eyesore is completely falling down now, and year after year Canales did nothing, focussing instead on fighting with her fellow Commissioners. Barbara Canales’ biggest failure is her number one campaign promise, failing to fix the Old Nueces County Courthouse.
More on the Crónica Investigates Canales for corruption to come.