Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales created North Beach Tax Zone

JUST IN: Confidential sources have given the Crónica shocking new evidence, a legal document proving the North Beach Tax Increment District, created by County Judge Barbara Canales, financially benefits her live in lover Doug Allison’s client to the tune of potentially millions of dollars.

Document show North Beach is Allison’s client

How can Doug Allison, County Judge Barbara Canales’ fiance represent the largest financial interest of the North Beach TIRZ, while Canales is a voting member of the TIRZ? In 2020, Doug Allison got into a legal skirmish with the City of Corpus Christi’s legal counsel over his North Beach client’s breach of contract and asked for special agreement, which he was granted. Sources tell us Canales has refused to recuse herself from voting.

Public integrity experts believe this is a conflict of interest. Doug Allison is also Port of Corpus Christi CEO Sean Strawbridge’s lawyer and has been seen at official meetings at North Beach and City Hall. We are hearing reports that Doug Allison is making hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public Port of Corpus Christi, whose County board members are appointed by Canales!

Why are hundreds of thousands of dollars of Port of Corpus Christi monies going into the Canales/Allison household with no public scrutiny?

The Crónica is calling upon County Judge Barbara Canales to immediately resign from the North Beach TIRZ due to the conflict of interest with her live in lover Allison.

If Canales/Allison would like to respond to the Crónica and refute any of these claims, we will post a retraction.

Do you think Barbara Canales should resign from the North Beach TIRZ if her live in lover Doug Allison’s client stands to get millions from it?