Nueces County Judge attempts to dox County Engineer

Secret document obtained exclusively by the Crónica prove Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales was caught red handed personally changing a county contract to help her Port appointee Charlie Zahn.

While Barbara Canales says the County Engineer agreed to her action, the county engineer said in an open meeting that he never agreed with Canales. Judge Barbara Canales never consulted Commissioners Court regarding any contract changes. Canales changed the contract possibly illegally with Charlie Zahn in a secret meeting in her office.

Video of Nueces County Commissioners Court Meeting

Commissioner Brent Chesney actually stood up to Canales as she used her position to verbally abuse the County Engineer inappropriately questioning him to enter into the public where he lives.

In Crónica terms, that’s called doxxing, intentionally publishing private information for a malicious intent designed to deceive and that’s exactly what Barbara Canales did. Canales intentionally tried to deceive the taxpayers after getting caught red handed giving taxpayer dollars, in the form of work, to her live in lover Doug Allison’s employer, Port of Corpus Christi Charlie Zahn’s client.

Memo sent from Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales to Port of Corpus Christi Chairman Charlie Zahn

Read the evidence, the Crónica has exclusively obtained the secret letter Canales sent to Port Chairman Zahn. Our offer stills stands, if Zahn or Canales do not believe it’s a conflict of interest, the Crónica will give them an entire column to explain why the taxpayers have to pay for Zahn’s clients road destruction.

This investigative series continues.