Nueces County Courthouse renovations move forward

The Nueces County Courthouse is currently under renovations after much of the tile that was placed on the concrete walls began to corrode causing the stone panels to fall off. This caused cracks and rain water to leak into the building causing interior damage to the building. Some offices in the courthouse were closed due to the mildew and mold growth.

The renovation project was led by Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales in effort to maintain and preserve the existing courthouse. The project company, Phoenix 1 Restoration and Construction, currently have scaffolds all around the building to patch up the cracks and replace all the stone tiles. The company says they will power wash the entire building after caulking the windows that had caused more mildew inside of offices.

The $6.7 million project is expected to finish a little early than expected and may be done by Decemeber 2021.