Nueces County Commissioners kick out Barbara Canales from Health District

On March 1, the Corpus Christi City Council will be officially throwing Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales right out of the Health Department. Today the Nueces County Commissioner’s Court voted Barbara Canales down 4-1, stripping the Health Department away from her forever. Why? Because Barbara Canales Canales ruled the Health Department like a dictator refusing to allow the people of Corpus Christi to have vaccinations inside the city, demanding that Corpus Christi residents drive to Robstown. Why? So she could get the state money and keep it for the Robstown Fairgrounds. Barbara Canales didn’t care about the people of Corpus Christi and residents are still furious they had to wait miserably in long lines, lasting eight hours plus.

Last Friday, Barbara Canales abruptly cancelled a City-County Health Department employee meeting after learning the City of Corpus Christi planned to publicly broadcast her remarks live. County employees are exclusively telling the Cronica that it was Barbara Canales that instructed Health Department employee Luis Wilmot to email to county healthy department employees inviting them to a meeting to discuss their “future.”

A combative Barbara Canales sent her aid Maggie Turner to throw county and city employees out of the City of Corpus Christi building, but she was stopped by City employees who informed Turner that Canales had no authority to throw employees out of a city building.

Realizing the public relations’ disaster with County employees being left in the dark, Canales scrambled and set up a second meeting at the county. A shocked Canales’ soon learned that County employees recorded the meeting and said it was a complete waste of time with Canales speaking on and on, providing no information on their sick leave or benefits.

The bottom line is Canales is no longer in charge. The City of Corpus Christi is in charge and there is nothing Canales can do about it now. The City Council unanimously removed Canales as Health Department lead, voting to form their own department and kicked Canales out. Nueces County Commissioners followed suit and unanimously voted to kick Barbara Canales out as lead negotiator. 

Crónica readers may recall that it was Barbara Canales who led the effort to pay salaried Health Director Annette Rodriguez $200,000 in overtime pay. And for her dictatorial actions, come March 1, the Corpus Christi City Council will make history and throw the Nueces County Judge–Barbara Canales right out of the Health Department for good.

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