Lubbock man shoots girlfriends ex-husband over child custody interference

A Lubbock man shot and killed his girlfriends ex-husband during a child custody interference dispute on November 5, 2021. A cellphone video was released Tuesday by an attorney for Chad Read’s widow depicts the deadly November 5 confrontation between the 54-year-old victim and Kyle Carruth […]

Posted on 3 weeks ago

Who is the up and coming Corpus Christi rapper Drippy Dru?

Who is Drippy Dru? Drippy Dru is a new up and coming Corpus Christi rapper whose lyrics address the Hispanic community, club goers, and even toxic relationships between partners. Drippy Dru wears a mixture of clothing lines such Bape, Antisocial, and Supreme to bring attention […]

Posted on 3 weeks ago

Hooters restaurant catches fire; smoke causes major vehicle accident

Hooters located on South Padre Island Drive went into flames on the rooftop on Sunday, November 14, 2021 around 2:15 a.m. Multiple reports of dark smoke coming from the Hooters restaurant were made to police dispatch shortly after nearby nightclubs let out. The parking lot […]

Posted on 3 weeks ago

1 person killed; 3 critically injured on SPID in fatal crash

Shortly after 2 a.m. on Saturday, the Corpus Christi Police Department and Fire Rescue Department were dispatched to the 4330 block of South Padre Island Drive for a fatal crash. When paramedics and rescue responders arrived they found four occupants stuck inside a Buick sedan […]

Posted on 3 weeks ago

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH: Local attorney, Rene ‘El Cucuy’ Rodriguez

Relentless jokester, cultural crusader, fierce family man, and ruthless champion of those on the outside, Rene Rodriguez was a natural-born David-versus-Goliath victor. Rene’s larger than life leadership forever enriched our local, state, and national landscape. His impact remains immeasurable. Rene Rodriguez negotiated life’s terms until […]