NEW REVELATIONS: Is The New Harbor Bridge Sinking?

In a shocking new discovery, the work on the north tower of the new Harbor Bridge appears to be shut down for more than a year. Preliminary indications are the north tower of the new Harbor Bridge may be sinking, due to an inadequate foundation. A new engineering firm recently hired will determine if a new foundation must be built, further delaying the project.

The North Tower for the New Harbor Bridge in the Port of Corpus Christi.

Port of Corpus Christi officials are refusing to disclose information to the public after multiple requests of information. The original engineer working on the project was fired by the Texas Department of Transportation. Work has completely stopped on the span between the two towers crossing the channel.

FIGG was fired from the project by the Texas Department of Transportation last year after the company was partly blamed for the fatal collapse of a pedestrian bridge being built at Florida International University. The team was hired by the replacement bridge’s developer, a joint venture of Flatiron and Dragados.

The construction of the New Harbor Bridge in 2019
Photo Credit: TxDOT

National Transportation Safety Board investigation of the 2018 Miami bridge collapse, the report cited load and capacity calculation errors by FIGG for the pedestrian bridge’s design.

A new Harbor Bridge completion date is unknown at this time, but our sources tell us it may be six more years for completion.

Why is the public being kept in the dark? Port officials have refused to seek answers to difficult questions, despite the new Harbor Bridge being the key to allowing more ships to enter the harbor.

The question becomes, will you use the new Harbor Bridge when it’s competed?