New Mural On Corpus Christi’s Southside

On the south side of Corpus Christi you will not find too many spray painted murals. “You see alot of tan and beige buildings all around or monochromatic boring colors, but I felt if I used vibrant colors that it would give people good energy” says muralist Danny Dzul DeLeon.


The mural features the traditional ‘Welcome to Las Vegas sign’ with palm trees behind it. In the center, the Paris Las Vegas Casino and Hotel was imitated to give more vibrant colors, such as the magentas, pinks, yellows, and purples. On the far right side of the mural, Danny Dzul DeLeon painted the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge with the Corpus Christi Bay spray painted with his favorite used technique, where he stabs the spray paint can and let’s the paint fuse out the can, a very messy technique in which he says how he was noticed.

The two owners of the ‘Sweetwater Club: The Las Vegas Experience’ wanted to bring attention to the club so they called Danny to work his magic. It took Danny twenty-four man hours in the span of three days to complete the mural project. The mural is twelve foot in height and forty feet in width and Danny says you are now welcome to come take a picture with it to bring yourself good luck.

Sweetwater Club: The Las Vegas Experience is located at 4855 S Alameda St, Corpus Christi, TX 78412 at Suite 109.