Mother gives two-week old baby to stranger on Comanche Street

A woman on Sunday night says a woman in her mid-twenties handed her a two week newborn baby on Comanche Street near Chico Street.

The woman who was a complete stranger to the newborn baby was driving down Comanche Street around 10:30 p.m. when she saw a terrified woman holding a baby. The woman, Claudia Canales, stopped her vehicle to ask if the woman with the baby was okay. The woman with the baby tried to give Claudia her baby and that was when Claudia left to call the police.

Claudia circled the neighborhood while talking to police dispatchers about the situation and showed back up to talk with the lady again where the baby was given to Claudia.

According to Claudia Canales, the woman stated the baby was two weeks old and she was from Miami, Florida visiting Corpus Christi. Claudia also stated that the woman had a foul smell.

Corpus Christi police began to investigate a woman who gave newborn baby to stranger on Comanche Street.

The police showed up to the scene several minutes later and had paramedics check the woman and the baby. The paramedics found the baby to be in healthy condition.

Child Protective Services were called to the scene and no word on whether the woman would be facing any criminal charges. The baby and witness were transported to the police station and the mother was detained for further investigation. Officers on the case went to the store to buy formula milk and bottle.

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