Mo Meaux’s Cajun Asian Crawfish – yes, you should suck the heads

Every spring, Louisiana and Texas welcomes crawfish season. Also known as crayfish, mudbugs, or crawdads, these sea creatures are either caught in rivers and marshes or farmed and harvested to end up in crawfish boils throughout the United States. With a flavor that tastes shrimp and lobster, they are slightly sweet and highly prized for the meat in their tails.

At Mo Meaux’s in Corpus Christi located at 1933 South Padre Island Drive, crawfish is a culture — they are, after all, the state crustacean of Louisiana. Although, at Mo Meaux’s, it is a cross between Cajun and Asian delight fused by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico around the 1970’s. Moses Ling, a Houston, Texas native prepares his own recipe of sauce that go into a large pot of crabs, crawfish, and potatoes. His employees help boil pounds of whole crawfish for hundreds of customers in the Coastal Bend. If you find yourself invited to Mo Meaux’s Kitchen that happens, you’ll need to know that Mo’s secret sauce will have you addicted.

The Mother Load bowl served at Mo Meaux’s Kitchen located at 1933 South Padre Island Drive.

Eating crawfish might seem intimidating, but it’s not what you think. The popularity of eating crawfish is booming in South Texas. A simple twist-and-pull method is all it takes, and within a few seconds, you can enjoy meat that is in high demand by crawfish lovers. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to get through an entire pile in no time and fit right in at your next seafood craving. If you are want have a crafish boil and do it yourself, make sure to go by Mo Meaux’s and pick up the DIY kit that will save you time and money.