Mathis ISD volleyball players hands burned by hot turf as punishment

As the Texas heat rise, two high school volleyball coaches from Mathis ISD are on the hot seat after an on-field punishment that left some of their players with blisters and second degree burns this Thursday around 3:30 p.m. at the high school track.

Parents are going to social media after Mathis High School coach, Cruz told his team to bear crawl with their bear hands at the school’s asphalt track during the high 90 degree tempatures. The bear crawls were ordered by Coach Cruz due to several students missing practice, and as punishment, coach Villareal carried out the order with more than a dozen students bear crawling on the schools track.

Some parents like, Crystal Huerta, believe that both coaches should be suspended. Several students went home with burns on their hands and didn’t realize the overall damage until their hands started to blister. On one video posted by a parent, it depicts a student peeling their skin on their palms.

We’ve reached out to Mathis High School to no avail. This is a developing story and we will provide you with updates as we wait to hear back from the Mathis Independent School District.