Man suffers second degree burns at apartment complex after explosion

After 2 p.m. on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 the Corpus Christi Fire Department was dispatched the Chandler Mills Apartment complex for reports of a fire. When firefighters arrived they found one man burned with more than 50% of his body with second degree burns after a chemical explosion.

According to one resident that lives at the apartments she says that she saw the debris on fire shortly after the explosion that sent walls and sheer rock out of the second story apartment unit. Than she recalls the man that was burned. “It looked like his shirt melted on his body” says the resident of Chandler Mills Apartments.

The man that was burned was working in a vacant apartment unit on the flooring and counter tops. Another man working was present during the explosion but was not hurt. Firefighters believe there were some chemicals being used, such as Acetone, that may have caused the explosion.

This man was rushed to a local hospital and last update was that he was being HALO flighted to the San Antonio Burn Unit for treatment.

Facebook Live on Scene of Explosion