Man shot and killed at gameroom on Alameda Street after possible robbery

In an exclusive video released to the Crónica, a man was shot and killed during a possible robbery at a game room on the intersection of Alameda Street and Airline Road early Tuesday morning.

The man killed was identified as 29 year old Cedric Hall.

In the video released exclusively to the Crónica, shows 29 year old Cedric Hall and another male walk into the Lucky Rush gameroom when one minute later more than a dozen gun shots were fired. The male victim, Cedric Hall, was shot in the back as he exited the entrance door where he fell. The male that accompanied Cedric Hall ran from the scene as more shots were being fired from inside the gameroom out towards the entrance door.

According to police, they found Cedric Hall near the sidewalk still conscious and breathing around 4:30 a.m. after someone called police. The video shows three people exit the Lucky Rush gameroom moments after a dozen gun shots were fired. Two of those people began picking up money that Cedric Hall dropped as he was shot. In the video, Cedric Hall was unable to move his legs and told the man who shot him in the back he was just trying to feed his family when more gunshots were fired as the shooter yelled at Cedric Hall in obscene language.

According to police, around 7 o’clock three people turned themselves into police and some were later released. No word on whether anyone will face murder charges.