Luby’s Cafeteria on Greenwood closes it’s doors

The dwindling Luby’s Cafeteria chain closed it’s South Padre Island Drive near Greenwood location Monday, leaving only one local restaurant in a chain that was once as iconic in Texas as Whataburger or Dr Pepper.

The chain leaves the 5730 Saratoga Boulevard location open.

The home of fried “square fish” fillets, roast turkey, and chicken-fried steak with lots of vegetables has been for sale since last year.

Luby’s was already floundering but was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. The developments are the latest in Luby’s ongoing liquidation effort, which came after shareholders voted overwhelmingly last year in favor of a plan to dissolve the business, allowing the company to sell off assets and distribute proceeds among investors.

For many Texans, Luby’s Cafeterias are the epitome of comfort food.

The 1990’s animated Fox television series “King of the Hill” even named one of its characters Luanne Platter, after the renowned Luby’s smaller “LuAnn Platter” that includes a half-serving of an entree, a side item and a roll.