KRIS 6 News story on Port of Corpus Christi mysteriously disappears

After a hard hitting news story by KRIS 6 News on the Port of Corpus Christi’s Commissioners and CEO Sean Strawbridge holding local governments hostage via illegal contacts goes live on social media—the story mysteriously disappears and never makes it to the night time broadcasts.

Eagle eyed Crónica viewers including former Corpus Christi Mayors and City Council members took to social media to decry KRISTV’s actions after the Crónica broke the story that Sean Strawbridge and the Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners have been spending massive amounts of money on advertisements and donations in a clear attempt to direct local media. Target one was KRISTV and anchor Katia Uriarte, who is well known to have a local bias in reporting due to her cozy relationship with Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales. It’s well known that Barbara Canales’ “common-law husband“ Doug Allison receives hundreds of thousands of dollars as “outside” legal counsel into the Canales/Allison household. Katia Uriarte aired five straight “puff pieces” on Port of Corpus Christi’s Sean Strawbridge, providing the questions in advance to the Port CEO in a clear violation of journalistic standards.

The Crónica is hearing from former City Council members who fear Port retribution that KRIS-TV scrubbed the story after the Port of Corpus Christi’s Sean Strawbridge and Omar Garcia were given the head’s up by Katia Uriarte. KRIS 6 TV even publicly acknowledged that Port minion Omar Garcia directed Port Commissioners Richard Valls and Rajan Ajuja not to answer any of KRIS-TV’s or the public’s questions at the last City Council meeting Strawbridge, learning of the brutal story against the Port from Katia Uriarte, quickly sent over a new contract and declared the story, “no longer relevant.” And just like the good days in Duval County, Sean Strawbridge instructed KRISTV to kill the story, and they did.

The Crónica is investigating exactly how much Strawbridge and the Port Commissioners are spending on advertising to KRISTV and other media sources, but it is believed to be in the hundreds of thousands. The Port is also spending more than three million dollars in donations trying to gain favor and stop the leaking of the Port’s disastrous leadership that has seen Port Commissioners lose billion dollar industrial contracts, fight with all local cities and their Mayors, attempt to build desalination and force taxpayers to pay enormous water bills for it, and threaten the red fish bay sanctuary.

Despite the fact it is illegal in Texas for a government to contract for a future legislative action or inaction, Sean Strawbridge and the Port Commissioners insisted on threatening the Cities of Portland and Port Aransas with hostage clauses. But, Mayors Cathy Skurow, Charlie Bujan, and thousands of their residents stood up against Strawbridge and the Port. Mayor Skurow and Portland Citizens United even took to social media to defend their beloved pier against Sean Strawbridge’s bullying. Local residents called out the Port and it’s leadership as a complete and corrupt failure.

What happened last night with KRISTV scrubbing the Port of Corpus Christi story on hostage clauses after Port pressure was reprehensible journalism. The Cronica is calling out the Port of Corpus Christi Commissioners. It’s time to stand up for the cities in your service area, fire Sean Strawbridge, or resign.