Kingsville 2 year old hacks moms phone and orders 31 cheeseburgers

A Kingsville, Texas 2 year old loves cheeseburgers! When he got a hold of his mothers phone, he did what any normal person would do, he ordered them.

To be exact, he ordered 31 cheeseburgers from the Doordash app on his mother’s phone without telling her. His mother Kelsey Burkhalter Golden was amazed about what occured while she was obviously busy. But, now they’re the proud owners of 31 cheeseburgers.

And that brings us to our delicious ending. No, the 2 year old didn’t get to eat all 31 cheeseburgers. His mother Kelsey posted the picture of all the burgers on a Facebook group called ‘Kingsville Community Help‘ and asked if anybody was hungry so that they could pick up a meal.

The Crónica wants to know if they have any French fries to go with any of those burgers.