Karankawa Native American grave robbing in Ingleside on the Bay

Is Patrick Nye, President of Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association Grave Robbing Local Karankawa Native American Burial Grounds?

An eagled eyed Crónica reader has exclusively provided the Crónica with a photograph showing Patrick Nye, President of the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association’s home curio cabinet collection, and what looks to us like a grotesque, morbid, and reprehensible display of sacred Native American graveside artifacts, including possibly the actual bones of the people from the Karankawa Native American tribe. The Patrick Nye photograph shows his personal collection of Native American artifacts he said he “found” along the million dollar, coastal enclave of Ingleside on the Bay. The Crónica turned to Larry Running Turtle Salazar, an Apache and Comanche for expert advice on this subject. He said, “Native American burial grounds are sacred and should not be disturbed, it is like going to Seaside Memorial and digging up the rosaries and jewelry of the people buried there.” The Crónica is calling upon Patrick Nye to immediately return the items to the Karankawa people, who are documented in Texas history as having lived along the bay. 

Larry “Running Turtle” Salazar, an Apache and Comanche Native American who resides in Corpus Christi, Texas.

It is Patrick Nye himself who has declared Ingleside on the Bay a sacred Native American burial ground as a part the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association. Yet, hypocritically, in the photograph the Crónica has obtained, a smiling Patrick Nye admits that his home was built over Native American burial grounds and that he morbidly “finds” Native American graveside artifacts, including pieces of pottery and shells the Karankawas are believed to have buried as a part of their sacred gravesite ritual.The Karankawas are documented to have been artistic, crafting exquisite hand made pottery. We believe he may be actually “robbing” Native American graves by digging and collecting the graveside artifacts. Some of what he calls “artifacts” look like actual bones and bone fragments to us. 

Photo Credit: The Texas Tribune

Patrick Nye owns an oil and gas exploration company that produces crude oil and is believed to be a long-time resident of Ingleside On the Bay, where a house on the water, is selling for almost a million dollars. For any resident to rob the grave of a Native American is wrong and we caution that anyone who lives near sacred Native American burial grounds should leave the grounds undisturbed. Patrick Nye has been photographed smiling in an article published by the Texas Tribune, while acknowledging he is quite possibly committing the atrocity of displaying in his very own home, the sacred bone fragments, pieces of pottery, and shells of the Karankawa people. 

As President of Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association, he should immediately resign. Most importantly, he should immediately return the Native American sacred remains he “found” to the Karankawa people. According to Native American experts, robbing Native American gravesites is greatly disrespectful and is said to bring suffering to the descendants of the deceased. Many Native Americans, including the Navajo, believe a body must be properly buried and the burial remains should not be disrupted, so what Patrick Nye may be most egregiously committing, is not allowing Native American spirits to move on from the physical word. The Crónica is calling on the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association to denounce the robbing of Native American burial grounds. For his part, Larry Running Turtle Salazar is taking a stand, proclaiming all burial sites as sacred and asking the people not to disturb them, instead, walk away and offer a solemn prayer.