Indigenous founders’ lawsuit deal with man who keeps Native American funerary objects in home

The Crónica has exclusively discovered that legal documents exist proving a partnership between Love Sanchez, Founder of the Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend and Patrick Nye, President of the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association who has a large home “collection” of what appears to us like a grotesque, morbid, and reprehensible display of sacred funerary objects, including pottery, bones, and shells from the Karankawa Native Americans. In an exclusive interview we learned from Love Sanchez, who self identifies as a Karankawa Kadla that she and Patrick Nye have a partnership designed to file lawsuits and sue the federal government and private companies, possibly for personal financial gain. Is Love Sanchez the modern day Pocahontas?

Photo Credit: The Texas Tribune

The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act of 1990 is to return human remains and the artifacts found with them to the appropriate Indian tribes. The law is specific to trafficking in Native American human remains and cultural items obtained in violation of this act also is prohibited. 

But, the Pocahontas story is a modern day myth, made up and invented to make the betrayal of a Native American tribe legitimate. It is never legitimate to sell out a tribe, to personally display Native American funerary artifacts, and to support those that do. 

Photo Credit: The Texas Tribune

After the Crónica blew open the story, we found it odd we didn’t hear from very vocal, Karankawa Kadla activist Love Sanchez. Why didn’t Love Sanchez the Founder of the Indigenous People of the Coastal Bend defend the sacred honor of her ancestors by her partner Patrick Nye and demand that any potential funerary artifacts be given back to the tribe? According to Larry Running Turtle Salazar, the Karankawa people were buried along the coast line of the Corpus Christi bay because it is the Native American belief that the sun rises on the East and God would bless their ancestors every single day. 

The Crónica is calling for Patrick Nye to resign as President of the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association and return the large amount of sacred Native American “artifacts” that Patrick Nye claims to have “found” after “exploring” and taken to his home for a grotesque display in a curio cabinet that was in a picture published by the Texas Tribune. This is a colonizer’s success story, but devastating for Native American tribes and their ancestors who use the pottery that Patrick Nye found to hold seeds so they can eat in the after world. Any disruption of the potential gravesites including “collecting” the remains and displaying them is considered immoral and dishonorable. 

The Crónica is calling on the Ingleside on the Bay Coastal Watch Association to denounce Patrick Nye and the robbing or looting of Native American burial sites by their residents. Meanwhile, Cronica readers are telling first hand stories of seeing angry, displaced, Native American spirits that are frightening and intense.
The Cronica denounces Patrick Nye for taking the sacred pottery and remains of probable Karankawa burial sites and displaying them like trophies in his home. The exploitation of the sacred traditions of Native Americans and the usage of their name for personal financial gain must stop now