Hospital systems call out Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales

Hospital systems call out Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales for lying that there were no more available hospital beds. Christus Spohn, Doctors Regional, Bay Area, and Driscoll Children’s Hospital all said in a variety of statements that no hospital system has shut down, which Canales lied about in Nueces County official media release. Through their statements, the hospital systems again confirmed Barbara Canales was not telling the whole truth. Canales actually said, “Here’s how bad it is: Every staffed hospital bed is full. All area hospitals are on divert, which means they cannot accept patients.”
Except, that was a big, fat lie.

The Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales latest lie is reminiscent of the lie that she was caught in after the Texas Winter Storm where she said, “People did died…we couldn’t save everybody.” Again Hospital Systems and City Manager Peter Zanoni said through their statements that Barbara Canales was not telling the truth. Clearly she was inciting fear, anxiety, and confusing the public. We can no longer trust Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales to tell us the truth.

Moving forward the Crónica will be fact checking Canales’ claims in order to provide the public with the truth. Here’s what we know, the County Judge has the responsibility to oversee the Nueces County Hospital District and under State Law she is the County Emergency Management Director. It’s her job to ensure our hospital system is doing it’s job.

Barbara Canales appoints Happy the Clown to hospital systems

We are not happy that she appointed a clown and magician “Happy the Clown,” Efrain Guerrero to this very important hospital board. (We do appreciate that “Happy” has been nominated to the Clown Hall of Fame.)

Barbara Canales is not competently, honestly, ethically, and responsibly doing the job she was elected to do. There was no miscommunication. That translates to Canales twisted the facts to scare the public. To what end? To draw attention to herself and create a fake crisis in an attempt to gain publicity. This fear mongering by Barbara Canales must be stopped. False claims by Barbara Canales leads to public distrust. Telling people hospitals cannot take patients will lead to deaths.